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About UNIS

Getting you from where you are to where you want to be!

UNIS will assist you to:

  1. Select the most suitable university for you
  2. Making the most of your time at university
  3. Network with other students and professional bodies
  4. Inform about products and services aimed at graduates entering the workforce.
  5. Gain work experience and boost their resume
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How does UNIS work?

The UNIS site is with you all the way from pre-university, throughout your studies, and finally post graduation.

Stage 1) Pre University Information

  • University Directory (Here)
  • Student Information (Here)
    • Undergraduate Information
    • International Student Information
    • Postgraduate Student Information
  • Student FAQs (Here)
  • Accommodation Advice (Here)

Stage 2) UNIS Current Students

  • University News & Research (Here)
  • Student Resources (Here)
  • The Brain Centre (Here)
  • Online Student Networking (Here)

Stage 3) Graduates & Careers

  • University Alumnus (Here)
  • Professional Associations (Here)
  • Employment (Here)
  • Online Professional Networking (Here)

Good luck on your journey and we look forward to seeing you at UNIS regularly to learn, be informed, inspired and part of this ever growing and evolving knowledge base.

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