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UNIS is run by students passionate about promoting education and helping people reach their dreams.
Meet the team of amazing volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to bringing you all the latest news and research (in-between doing assignments).

Rohan de Pallant – General Manager (January 2009 – Present)

Bachelor of Psychological Science; Honours (University of Queensland – 2009 – present)
Master of  Marketing Management (Griffith University – 2005)
Rohan has 15 years experience in marketing, communications and business development in Australia, The United Kingdom and Taiwan. After being frustrated trying to find the latest university news and research from Australian universities he started UNIS to aggregate all the research under one site.

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Cindy Yuen – Production Intern (May 2014 – Present)

Bachelor of Business Management; Honours (University of Queensland – 2009 – 2013)
Cindy is a passionate and ethusiastic marketing graduate with a keen interest in consumer behaviour. Sharing the organisational goals, Cindy joined the team to assist UNIS Australia in the disseminating of University research.


Anthony Zhou – Production Manager (March 2011 – Present)

Bachelor of Psychological Science; Honours (University of Queensland – 2009 – present)
Anthony volunteered for an internship with UNIS Australia in March 2011 to develop hands-on, professional skills to augment his academic studies in Organisational Psychology. He became production manager in November 2011 and now coordinates a production team of four interns.
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Fangwen Guo – Production Intern (November 2011 – Present)

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Engineering (University of Queensland – 2008 – present)
Fangwen is volunteering at UNIS Australia to develop his professional skills. He is currently studying law and engineering.
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Nigel Karl – Production Intern (November 2011 – Present)

Bachelor of Psychological Science; Honours (University of Queensland – 2009 – present)
Nigel is an undergraduate student in psychology.  Driven to learn and self-improve, Nigel joined the UNIS team in October 2011 to enhance his IT and communication skills beyond a curricular setting.  He aspires to achieve academic excellence and personal growth with these new skills.

Monrada Vongphakdi – Social Network Officer (December 2011 – Present)

Bachelor of Psychological Science; Honours (University of Queensland – 2009 – present)
Monrada is completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology and has a keen interest in the spread of online information. She volunteered for UNIS to observe this in action, and to become part of a group which amalgamates university research around Australia.
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Many thanks to our previous volunteers:

Pi-Ju Wang (Vicky) -Web Support (July 2011 – December 2011)
Rhys Hunter – Volunteer (2011)
Antonio Grace  – Business Development Intern (October 2011 – June 2012)

Ho Sing Tin – Production Intern (November 2011 – December 2011)
Bachelor of Psychological Science; Honours (University of Queensland – 2009 – present)

Ho Sing is an undergraduate psychology student interested in the development of UNIS Australia and volunteered to be a part of the team in November 2011. Not only does he wish to contribute to the site but wishes that UNIS in return will assist in sharpening his information technology skills.

Reximillian Cho – Production Intern (July 2012 – August 2012)

Bachelor of Laws/Business Management (University of Queensland – 2010 – present)
Advanced Diploma of Commercial Arts [Graphics Design] – (2009)

Rex saw UNIS Australia as a valuable opportunity to learn, experience and contribute more during his time as an undergraduate university student. As an individual with a broad range of interest areas, Rex wishes to contribute to UNIS Australia to see the site and its consumers develop and flourish whilst taking the opportunity to develop his own organisational, professional and personal skills.

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