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Category Archives: Business, Economics and Law

When local government decisions are for sale

Corruption in local government could result in poor town planning leading to unaffordable, unsafe and unhealthy communities, according to ANU Professor of Public Policy Adam Graycar. Professor Graycar, Director of the Research School of Social Sciences in the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences, made the comments at a Design + Crime conference inContinue Reading

Study looks at love and beer

Study looks at love and beer

A new study has found that men who feel ‘love’ for their beer brand purchase 38 per cent more beer than average, while women who feel ‘bonding’ with their laundry detergent brand purchase 60 per cent more than the average customer. These are some of the findings from a study on ‘emotional branding’ by MurdochContinue Reading

Workaholics can’t compensate for an unhappy home life

Workaholics can’t compensate for an unhappy home life

People who try to deal with an unhappy home life by investing more time and effort at work are deluding themselves, according to a new study recently published by the British Journal of Management. In a detailed survey of more than 10,000 workers across 30 European countries, the study found there was an overall linkContinue Reading

Skilled migrants help shoulder the load in boom town

The first study of its kind in Australia shows the extent to which skilled migrants are underpinning the success of the mining and resources boom. Gladstone was chosen as the study focus as it is a microcosm for resource rich regions, with billions of dollars of projects crammed into a relatively small zone. With muchContinue Reading

Higher risk of complaints against some international medical graduates

International medical graduates are more likely to have complaints made against them than their Australian-trained counterparts a University of Melbourne study has found. However the study published in the Medical Journal of Australia today, found results differed markedly depending on country of training, according to lead author Ms Katie Elkin, from the School of PopulationContinue Reading

Self-confidence the secret to workplace advancement

The old saying “fake it until you make it” might actually be sound professional advice, with new University of Melbourne research finding self-confidence is a key determinant of workplace success. Drawing upon more than 100 interviews with professional staff in large corporations in Melbourne, New York and Toronto, the pilot study found a strong correlationContinue Reading

Lack of better jobs for China’s ethnic minorities a worsening problem

People from China’s Uyghur minority are struggling to get higher status, higher paying jobs, which in turn is leading to a forced divide between different ethnic groups, according to a new University of Melbourne study. The study found a combination of a jobs market that favours the dominant Han ethnic group, as well as crackdownsContinue Reading

GP mums $100,000 p.a. worse off than men

New research indicates the take home pay of female doctors with children is being dwarfed by the earnings of male GPs who choose to have kids, prompting calls for greater workplace flexibility. The study by University of Melbourne health economist Tony Scott found male GPs with kids earn up to $105,000 a year more thanContinue Reading

French political ads get personal, but American campaigns are nastier

American politicians (and their unofficial ad creators) are a nasty bunch when it comes to campaigning online, particularly when combining personal and issue attacks in advertisements posted to YouTube, University of Melbourne research has determined. Political communications researcher Dr Jacob Groshek, together with co-investigators Noortje de Boer and Hannah Sütfeld, analysed 144 online campaign adsContinue Reading

Australian CEOs not as fat as all that

RMIT University researchers have conducted the most comprehensive study to date into the remuneration of Australia’s CEOs, through a survey commissioned by the CEO Institute. To uncover a more accurate picture of the full spectrum of CEO remuneration, The CEO institute commissioned RMIT to conduct an online survey representative of the two million-plus businesses operatingContinue Reading

What would happen if Mother Nature could sue?

A Southern Cross University law academic will team-up with one of the world’s leading experts in environmental governance to discuss what would happen ‘If Mother Nature Could Sue’ at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House. Dr Alessandro Pelizzon, of the School of Law and Justice’s Earth Laws Network, will be joinedContinue Reading

Asylum seeker ‘chaos’ preventable

A Charles Sturt University (CSU) justice studies researcher believes the chaos unravelling around asylum seekers sent to Nauru was and is preventable. “The Australian Government has created the conditions for these tragedies to occur and need to rethink its policy on asylum and refugee determination. Simply moving people into the community with few supports, however,Continue Reading

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