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Moving out can be a great opportunity to meet new people but it can also be an expensive headache. Like all countries there are opportunists all too willing to take advantage of people who don’t know better. But with a little homework, about where you want to live, who with and what you’re responsibilities and rights are, all should go smoothly.

City Maps
Australian city maps You’ve all used Google before. Just tap in the name of the suburb (or street) you’re interested in and Google Map will show you where it is in relation to your Uni and the City.
Map of Brisbane

Map of Sydney
Map of Melbourne
Map of Adelaide
Map of Perth

Map of Canberra
Map of Darwin
Map of Hobart

Public Transport
public transport in australia Enter the street name of the house you’re interested in and the name of your university as your destination and the site will give you all the info you need (nice!)
Brisbane BUS/TRAIN/FERRY maps and journey planner
Sydney BUS/TRAIN/FERRY maps and journey planner.
Melbourne BUS/TRAIN/TRAM maps and journey planner.
Adelaide BUS/TRAIN/TRAM maps and journey planner.
Perth BUS/TRAIN/FERRY maps and journey planner
Canberra BUS maps and Timetable.
Darwin City Council
Hobart City Council


accommodation in Australia High End Accommodation
You will pay a premium price at these locations. Having said that the first three offer very high standards of living (can I come live with you?).
Uni Resort
Allen Street
The accommodation at Allan Street is “cosy” to put it nicely BUT they do 6 dinners per week and take care of all your bills. Although pretty expensive, you move in and you’re totally sorted. See the pics and look at their web sites for more details.
Share Accommodation
If you want to look for better value options (but more legwork) check out these Australia wide links. Both offer extensive options for both renting and share accommodation.

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