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Postgraduate Studies at Australian Universities

One of the most common questions people will ask is “should I get a Masters Degree?” There’s no right or wrong answer to this so I’ll get you started with my own thoughts and experiences.

Instead of asking “Should I get a Masters” try asking yourself “Why do I want a Masters”.  It’s a good idea to have a clear reason why you are studying and work towards that goal. Gaining a Masters Degree should be a part of that process.

Often what you will find is that what you get from your studies is not what you were expecting but non the less valuable for it. Other times the  benefit won’t be immediately obvious, but over time you will begin to draw on what you learned.

Without doubt you will learn things you don’t yet know, you will meet interesting, like-minded professionals and will have a document that proves you have certain skill sets. Don’t underestimate this, people who have never met you before don’t know your capabilities, a Post Grad degree speaks volumes about you.

Open Universities Australia

Studying through Open Universities Australia (OUA) means not having to worry about time, distance or entry requirements – you can study what you want, when you want.  Most of OUA’s undergraduate first level units have no entry requirements so it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are – you can be a student online. They also offer bridging and preparatory units to help with the transition to higher education. Click here for more information.

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