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Advice from Current Australian University Students

carla taylor

Name: Carla
Degree: Bachelor of Psychological Science

Best thing about Uni: Taking control of your life and managing your time to suit you! The lifestyle is much more flexible than school, you are able to feel like your own person and ultimately do what you want to do. It’s also really easy to meet like-minded people and expand your horizons.

Worst thing about Uni: Not knowing what you want to study. Most of us have been there, and it’s important to feel comfortable with the course demands. If you are unsure it’s best to do an Arts year and try out a variety of subjects. Often your expectations of a course are rather different from what it actually is like.

Advice: Just relax, university is what you make of it! Work out what sort of workload you’re prepared to manage. Everyone is different, and there is a place for you waiting! Do the course you want to do because you want to learn more.

Name: Rohan
Degree: Bachelor of Psychological Science

Best thing about Uni: If you’re lucky enough to have found an area, and a course, that you are truly passionate about the most exciting thing about being at uni is being surrounded by equally passionate people. And it’s not just the students you can share in this interest – lecturers, by and large, love what they teach and they want to talk about it. Finding a supportive, informative, and approachable academic who just wants to teach and learn is easily the best thing about attending university.

Worst thing about Uni: University is what you make it. You can work as hard as you like, and take on as much responsibility as you want, but it costs time. You can find a balance between social life, study, work, family and friends but there’s always trade-offs. Making these decisions is the hardest part – but having modest expectations and clear goals makes the whole process easier.

Advice: Most of the time I don’t know what I want for dinner; and when starting Uni I barely had an idea of what I wanted to become (professionally). My advice is keep your options open – swapping faculties can be a good thing – and experience as much as possible. Uni is entirely what you make it – a place to get a bit of paper with a degree on it, a place to make friends, a place to work, and occasionally, a place to sleep. Try everything on offer, and don’t be afraid to be wrong.

my tran

Name: My
Degree: Bachelor of Psychological Science

Best thing about Uni: The people. You meet people from all walks of life, all ages and many different cultures. Your lecturers and tutors are professionals in their fields who have been through what you are experiencing at uni. They are real life examples of people who made it to the top. No matter who you are talking to, you will always learn something new.

Worst thing about Uni: Work-life balance. Uni takes a lot of time and effort if you want to do well. This means less time for leisure or to hang out with friends and family. Finding the right balance is important to ensure you won’t suffer burn out.

Advice: Figure out your passion and what you want to study. If you are unsure, speak to someone: friends, family, career advisers. Have a good attitude towards study, enjoy what you are learning and aim to succeed!

sarah porter

Name: Sarah
Degree: Bachelor of Communications (Communication, Culture & Media)

Best thing about Uni: One of the most challenging but rewarding aspects of uni is how much of the responsibility rests on your shoulders; you’re expected to take the initiative for your own learning. While this isn’t for everyone, I found it such a refreshing change from school to be handed the reins, and I think it instils a new type of maturity and independence in students. I think uni is great for personal growth and wisdom.

Worst thing about Uni: It’s a huge commitment; it takes time, it takes effort, and (in my case) it means debt. And come end of semester my hair is in serious danger of being pulled out. But the sense of purpose it gives my life is worth it – and you’ll get that stolen freedom and leisure time back one day.

Advice: Take it from someone who has not only changed courses 3 times now, but who had to take a semester off halfway through my first year – it can be daunting, especially when you’re not one of those blessed with an inherent calling or many specific interests. It’s not a crime to stop and start and switch and change! It’s worth it, because finding your footing is a good feeling and makes uni not only easier to do, but swallow.

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