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Knowledge is Power! Stay informed of all the latest university news as it breaks.

Get all the latest university news and research from leading universities throughout Australia and South East Asia.

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Benefits For Students

  • Stay on-top of the latest news and research applicable to your field.
    This will soon be your career and knowledge is power.
  • See which universities are most closely aligned with your interests from their articles.
  • Apply what you read at UNIS to your assignments.

Benefits For The Media

UNIS is the only website in Australia that filters all articles for relevance – it does not use automated ‘feeds’ and every article is read before publishing.

  • Have instant access to the latest news and research across all fields of endeavor.
  • Easily find related articles from all universities within one site.
  • Contact the authors or media departments for more information.

Benefits For Parents

For children aspiring to a professional career (as opposed to a trade) a university degree is usually a must have prerequisite.

  • The UNIS newsletters will help you introduce the exciting world of academia in small, (at times) easy to decipher amounts.
  • Develop your child’s imaginations.
  • Do the UNIS quizzes with your child so they learn ‘its not what  you know, its what you find out’. They’ll soon be the smartest kids on the block.
  • Broaden your own horizons, perspectives and knowledge about the world around you.

Benefits For Academics

  • Stay informed with what your colleagues and peers are doing in your field of interest.
  • Promote your own research or publications (commercial or academic). Note: if you would like to be interviewed or have published a book for commercial consumption please contact  the editor to arrange an interview.

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