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Philosophy Quiz

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1. What does it mean to study philosophy?

2. Who is considered the father of modern philosophy?

3.  Which of the following was the work of Plato?

4. Which Philosopher proposed the idea that “one is not born a woman… instead one becomes a woman”?

5. Should a philosophy student believe everything all philosophers say?

6. What does the famous philosophical phrase ‘’Cogito ergo sum” mean?

7. Which philosopher was sentenced to death by drinking a potion containing hemlock poison?

8. Which Philosopher believed He was the Son of God, and was also executed for His beliefs?

9.  According to the Philosophical Gourmet Report Ranking system, which university is considered to have the highest ranked Philosophy Faculty?

10. The first question asked “what does it mean to study philosophy”, but what did the Ancient Greeks consider to be the underlying reason for the discipline of philosophical education.


Compiled by Antonio Grace

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