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Created by Rhys Hunter

What is metabolism?

The initial breakdown of carbohydrates uses?

What are the major steps in Carbohydrate metabolism?

What and when are Ketone bodies utilized by the body and where?

Under aerobic conditions, Acetyl CoA moves into the _________

In the breakdown of Proteins for use as energy, Trypsin and Chymotrypsin are ___________

In states of anaerobic conditions (i.e. no oxygen available for working muscles) what is the primary source of energy?

Complex carbohydrate are broken down by: Amylase from saliva, Mucosal cell membrane bound enzymes and Amylase released from the pancreas?

Glucose is transformed into Pyruvate vi _________  while Amino acids are converted to Acetyl CoA vi __________ .

During the process of transforming fats into energy the liver breaks free fatty acids into free fatty acid. After which, free fatty acid is then converted to Acetyl CoA via what process?

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