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Social Science Quiz

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1) Positivist sociologists would employ what kind of sciences to understand society?

2) The theory of teaching and learning is commonly referred to as

3) Premature babies substantially benefit from:

4) The Oedipus Complex is associated with which psychotherapy theorist?

5) A large group of people witnessing an act of violence or public nuisance, are less likely to interfere/intervene because of what effect?

6) According to criminologist William Sheldon, the term mesomorphic suggest what physical and temperament characteristics of a person?

7) Post-Colonialism:

8) During which experiment were participants asked to supply an electric shock to an unknown confederate, as means to describing the distance a person would go to obey a higher authority?

9) Harlow conducted experiments on rhesus monkeys to illustrate the bond between mother and child. What element was found to have been of greatest importance for the infant rhesus monkeys?

10) The science responsible for studying and analyzing human culture, technology, social structures and language across humanity, and comparing the data against other anthropological studies, is:

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