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Julius Caesar Quiz

Created by Tom Wallis
Bachelor of Psych Science

1. What condition plagued Caesar throughout his life?

2. Who were the other two members of the first triumvirate?

3. Who was Julius Caesars first wife?

4. Julius Ceasar’s conquest of Gaul from 58 BC to 51 BC was one of the greatest achievements of his career. What migrating Gallic tribe was the first to be engaged by his legions?

5. Caesar crossed the Rubicon with one of his legions (Legio tertia decima Gemina (Thirteenth Twin Legion)). Roughly how many men comprised a standard Roman legion?

6. What was Caesar’ famous quote upon his crossing of the Rubicon and his further challenging of the senate and republic?

7. Julius Caesars was assassinated in the senate by the knife. How many times was he reported to have been stabbed?

8. After the assassination, Caesars main heir was the 18yr old _______.

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