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Dinosaur Quiz

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All dinosaurs, land, aquatic and terrestrial were a diverse group of _______.

The tallest dinosaur known to have ever existed was which of the following?

The Stegosaurus is regarded as which of the following?

How long ago is it rumored that a meteorite hit the Gulf of Mexico and wiped out the dinosaurs (who had inhabited the Earth for 160 million years)?

Organisms which we regard today as true dinosaurs existed during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Collectively these eras are contained within which historical period?

The oldest dinosaur known to have existed was discovered in ________?

The two major types of dinosaurs were Ornithischians and Saurischians, meaning bird-hipped dinosaurs and _____-hipped dinosaurs, respectively.

Which of the following dinosaurs was not a herbivore?

Which of the following is one of few dinosaur remains to be found in Australia?

The largest dinosaur footprints discovered were from Sauropods and found in _______.

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