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Climate & Weather Quiz

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How long does it take for a cloud to be created?

The El Nino effect is a pile up of warm sea water in _________ due to the east-west flow of the trade-winds. The sea surges back every four years or so drastically effecting world climates.

A typhoon is the same as a _______.

Which of the following capital cities has the driest climate in the world?

The city with the highest rainfall in the world is in _________.

If it is Fall in New York City, what season is it in Cape Town, South Africa?

Zero degrees Celsius (freezing point) is equivalent to ___ degrees Fahrenheit?

The Australian state currently still experiencing the worst drought is _________.

What is the name for rain that evaporates before reaching the ground?

A _______ climate has mild to warm summers and cool winters, a greater need for winter home heating than summer cooling, is a relatively comfortable climate, common near the coastal areas.

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